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Renowned architects and planners confirm that this system has a physical construction that is optimal for roof integration.

Green Lighting

Green Lighting

Most daylight spots cannot meet the requirements for isolation and insulation of a building - even not the systems with double diffuser and/or internal second dome.

By mounting a conventional daylight spot, a thermal bridge is created. This is exactly where moisture will condense in different ways. This condensate will inevitably lead to consequential damage. Mould can possibly arise, which is harmful to health.  



Avoid such damage and always use
BLUEperformance !

Green Lighting


This patented innovation consists of an insulating block with an insulating disc incorporated inside the block. Suitable flange tubes are bonded to connect to the daylight tube.

From the SUNperformance 800 model range, the BLUEperformance range is supplemented with a laminated safety glass disc for lasting fall-through protection.

BLUEperformance prevents the dangerous development of a thermal bridge in the level of insulation of the building - where two temperature worlds meet, and only there can you decouple the systems thermally with optimum efficiency.

Through this, our systems attain the lowest U-value of 0.4 W/m²K.

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